Axia Festival – Thalassa Cradle of Life (Halki, Naxos)

axia1The island of Naxos, once the most prosperous island of Ancient Greece, will host the 2015 Axia Festival at the historic village of Halki. The festival’s evocative name reflects the Naxos of old and this year’s festival will feature international musicians as its cultural highlights.

The theme of the festival is Thalassa, the sea, celebrated as the cradle of life and thus of the creative energy that is at the very heart of the Axia Festival.

Halki itself has long been a creative centre of Naxos and of the Cyclades. Such creativity has enhanced the serene ambience of the village and its surroundings.

From the terraced central square, narrow lanes radiate between the elegant facades of neo-classical buildings and extend into peaceful olive groves dotted with Byzantine chapels.

This overall sense of style and serenity is ideally suited to the Axia Festival’s merging of its sea-inspired theme with the timeless beauty of the Naxian landscape, making Halki a perfect arena for the beautiful music of the festival’s distinguished performers.

Keiko Borjeson, Mária Devitzáki , Hakan Borjeson, Damien Girs, Nikos Karavias

Sponsors of the festival, AXIA INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL FRIENDS,Katharina Bolesch and the Cultural Association of the Tragea, Prefecture of South Aegean, invite you to join them in this enthralling celebration of sight and sound.

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